Joe DeRosa - "Just Deal with It" Guy

Joe DeRosa Season 2, Ep 4 05/10/2013 Views: 9,561

Joe DeRosa imagines his pessimistic friend Brian at different moments throughout history when people needed hope and inspiration. (1:38)

I don't want to sound--

I don't want to sound hopeless.

I know I'm negative.


I want to-- I need more hope.

You know, I knowI said hope's dead,

but I need more hope.

I really do, 'cause I just--I don't know, man.

I never want to be the guythat's like,

"Just deal with it!

This is just how it's gonna be."

My friend Brian's like that.

You know, like,we're out at a bar one night,

and everybody's textingon their phones.

And somebody goes,

"Dude, we should be talkingto each other."

And Brian goes,"The phones are here to stay!

It's just howit's gonna be from now on."

Oh, what a shitty attitude.

Then I started laughing at him,'cause I starting picturing him

at, like, different momentsin history

where we needed changeand inspiration.

Like... (whooshing)

2008 financial crisis.

"The pyramid schemes are as goodas it's gonna get, people.

Kiss your money good-bye!"


1950s in the South.

"Can't you just sitin the back of the bus

and stop complaining?!"


1940s Germany.

"The swastikas aren'tgoing anywhere, folks.

Get usedto the little mustache!"


Discovery of America.

"Just takethe goddamn blankets!

What the (bleep)is smallpox anyhow?"

I don't want to be that guy.