Maronzio Vance - Race Question & Grocery Store for Men

Maronzio Vance Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2012 Views: 8,036

Maronzio Vance answers an uncomfortable question posed by his daughter and imagines what it would be like to snag a date at the grocery store. (2:33)

why do white people hate

black people so much?"

I just say the first thingI could think of.

I was, like, "Sweetheart,uh, white people hate

black people so much becausewhite is harder to keep clean."


That's all I had.

She was, like,"Like your sneakers?"

I was, like, "Yes, exactly.Like, once a week."

I do all that slavery stuff.

I'm not a racist guy, I'm not.I'm not. I date everybody.

I date all women: white, black,

black, white...


Like, I wish they hada grocery store

for men to go grocery shoppingfor a woman.

'Cause I don't like dating.I wish I could just go

in a grocery storeand grab a woman off a shelf,

add some water to itand be, like, boom,

instant whatever it isthat I just bought.

I would. If men could gogrocery shopping,

for a woman, so many thingswould change.

Like, for one, men would startgrocery shopping more often.

And two, we would startreading the back of a box

to find out what's in it.

I would love to see menin a grocery store

just walking around.

"What's going on, man?How you doing?"

"What's up?

You was here yesterday.That's crazy."

What's this right here?

"Black woman, attitude.

Think she knowevery goddamn thing."

I don't need that.


"White woman."

Oh, "ass included" now.

"Will believe anythingI tell her."

Let me get two of those.

I might mess that first one up.



Oh, "Baby stroller and babyalready included."

I don't want no accessorieswith my stuff.