Chris Gethard - Bonnaroo Drug Confessions Pt. 5

Chris Gethard Season 3, Ep 5 06/20/2014 Views: 8,870

After changing his life to get himself out of a rut, Chris Gethard does something completely unacceptable. (1:44)

And I make jokes about it. I do.I make jokes about it now.

But it was kind of a scary timein my life.

I was really livingin ill-advised fashion.

And it got scary.I was having panic attacks.

It was really scary at points.

So I kept tryingto tell myself, like,

"Remember that thisis good stuff ultimately.

"Like, I'm feeling a lotof positive momentum

"I haven't felt in a long time,like, these are good changes.

"I can't forget that.I need to do

something permanentso I never forget that."

So at the age of 32,

without thinkingabout it at all,

on a total whim, I wandered

into a Brooklyn tattoo parlor,

and had them tattooon my right bicep

the words

"It takes strengthto be gentle and kind."

(crowd claps, cheers)

Now, that's a song lyric.

Does anybody knowwho wrote that lyric?

MAN: The Smiths!The Smiths.

That's a Morrissey lyric

from when he waswith the Smiths.

For anybodythat doesn't remember,

Morrissey, the front manof the Smiths,

the British quartet,

kind of like fey,sad-sack icons.

I cannot be gettingMorrissey lyrics tattooed

on my body at the age of 32.

That is not acceptable.

I'm not a sad 19-year-oldcollege kid anymore.

I can't be gettingMorrissey tattoos.

And I can feel this whole roomsaying to themselves,

"It's a cheesy tattoo,but it's not the worst one

I've ever heard of."

But what you don't know

is I already had the word

"Morrissey" on the same arm.


Unacceptable behavior.