Kevin Hart - Live Recital

Houston Season 1, Ep 2 10/09/2016 Views: 2,569

While playing the piano at Houston's Cafe 4212, Kevin Hart announces that he's taking a break from stand-up in order to pursue his new passion. (0:47)

[playing piano]

- Well, hello.

Didn't knownobody was watching.

Kevin Hart hereat the legendary Cafe 4212.

And what am I doing, people?

Well, I'll tell youwhat I'm doing.

I've decided to take a breakfrom stand-up comedy.

I'm doing live recitals now.That's right.

Just tune infor what I do best,

which is humming.

♪ Hu--whoa!

♪ Hum, hum, hum


That's just oneof my tracks.

There's 82 trackson my album.

All one sound.

You know about humming,then you'll know about me.

Get outta here.This is "Hart of the City."