Jeff Dunham - Terror Claus

Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos Season 1, Ep 1 09/25/2011 Views: 76,022

Like Santa Claus, Achmed has also been making a list of people -- to kill. (1:22)

in a pretty good mood lately.

Do you know why?

No.Because likeSanta Claus,

I have been makinga list of people

to kill twice.

Santa doesn't kill people.

He does if he'sTerror Claus.

Terror Claus?I've never heard of him.

♪ Oh...

♪ He kills youwhen you're sleeping ♪

♪ He chokes you when you wake

♪ He knows if you are Catholicor Jew ♪

♪ So denounceyour infidel faith. ♪

(laughter and cheers)

That's terrible.

But catchy!

Have you heardof the Terror Bunny?

No.He hides Easter bombs.

Look, Mommy.(mimics explosion)

That's even worse.

I know.Thank you for noticing.

What do you want,more stinking knock-knock jokes?

That might be better.

Okay. Knock-knock.Who's there?

Me. I keel you again.


You're such an idiot.

You keep answeringthe door!

Where I am from,

the game we teachour children is,

when someone says,"Knock-knock,"

you shut (bleep)and hide.