Margaret Cho - Jobs

Cho, Francese, Farentino Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/1993 Views: 9,095

Margaret used to work at an S&M store. (1:37)

very into like early '80s stuff.

Like early '80s music.

I loved the musicthen because it

was such an Oh, MickeyYou're So Fine time.

It was such andEye of the Tiger,

Thrill of the Fight time.

My family neverhad any money then.

So I couldn't buy recordsor tapes or anything,

so I would tapesongs off the radio.

I'm sure you didthat before, right?

Except I didn't have aradio inside my tape deck,

so I'd have to hold theradio up to the tape deck.

So on all my old tapes you couldhear my mother screaming at me:

[sings song]

[korean accent] Moran!


This is the best jobI've ever had in my life.

I've had somereally strange jobs.

Like I used to workat this S & M store.

Like adult bookstore place.

And it was kind of weirdbecause I got that job right

after working ata clothing store.

So the adjustmentwas not that simple.

Oh, wow that dildo goesreally good with your eyes.

I think I would beinto deviant sex

if I had somebodyto have sex with.

I just have problemswith that, you know?

I do.

I-- the last guyI went out with he

was just so-- I don'tknow-- he was hopeless.

He said if I broke up with himthat he would kill himself.

And I broke up with himbut he's not dead yet.

And I wanna call him up andgo, you know, what's the deal?

I thought we had an agreement.

Thank you very much, everybody.