Joe Rogan - Hardcore Vegans

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 8,522

Joe Rogan explains why vegans who won't eat honey are completely ridiculous. (1:57)

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They don't eat honey. That'show you know vegans arecompletely ridiculous.

The real hard core vegans,they don't eat honey,

and they love to say this.

"Well, you can, but I don't."

Oh, thank you so much.

I didn't knowI could have honey,

but I'm still below you though,right?

Oh, you're better.

Honey, [bleep]ing honey.

You don't haveto kill to get honey.

You just take it with smoke.

You blow smoke on them,and you take it.

That's it.

They don't even know it's gone.They don't even get mad.

This mother[bleep]er was like,"You really think it's cool

those bees just workfor people?"

Okay, yeah, that's kind of[bleep]ed up, right,

because you know what bees dowhen they're not making honey?

Nothing.They don't have other jobs.

It's notlike they're on their way

to bee stunt driving school,and they got kidnapped,

and forced to work inthe white man's honey factory.

No, they're [bleep] littleshitty bugs with one job.

They make honey,and they only live to be a week.

They only live a week--They die of old age in a week,

and they die doing everything;they die when they sting you.

When a male honeybee has sex,his dick breaks off,

and he bleeds out.

That is literally nature tellingyou to go [bleep] yourself.

"I don't see it that way, man.

"I don't [bleep]ingsee it that way, okay?

"I think of all animalsin the universe

"as unique, and individual,

"and equal, and when I see a beethat's dying,

"I feel the same wayas if a loved one was passing,

"and I see this noble bee,

"and I'm like,'Noble bee,

"'you stung, even though youknew you were going to die.

Why did you do it?'"

and the bee's like,

"I saw a baby next

"to me in the grass,

and I was like,[bleep] that baby."

Team people, bitch,team people.