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The One with the Worst Jobs Season 1, Ep 3 08/07/2014 Views: 34,763

Marc Maron is getting better at closing the gap between being angry and apologizing. (2:17)

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Suppressing a lot of anger.Always.

The trick is, I'm trying toclose the gap between beingangry and apologizing.

I'm trying to get thattightened up a little bit.

Like, I've gotten it to thepoint where I've actuallyhad this moment...

where I'm like, "Shut the fuckup! I am sorry!"

It's the same with contemptand empathy, very close for me.

Like I was just walking downthe street. I see a guy,I don't know the guy.

Don't know anythingabout the guy.

I look up, my brain goes,"Screw that guy."

Like that quickly."Fuck that guy."

But then like within twoseconds, my brain went,"Aw, he's sad."

Very close.

I think when they're that close,you can call that contem-pathy.

Which I think is a fine concept.

I used to live in New York. I'vebeen in LA for about a decade.

I left New York and I don't missit, I don't care about it.

I don't compare the two cities.I was ready to leave New York.

And there's nothing to complainabout really, here, I find.

Except for one thing andit's a fairly hackney thing...

but it's an absolute truth.

I know for a fact that ifI get into my car...

within 20 minutes, I'm gonnabe fucking furious.

Like within 20 minutes,I'll just be in my that!

And I can only hope thatlike two people who drive upbeside me...

and one'll say to the otherlike, "What's that guy madabout?"

And the other guy will say like,"I don't know, but it happeneda long time ago, I think."

I think that traffic,as a reality...

that we can explore existentialissues in a very real way.

Like justice, closure--

Like have you had the momentwhere you're there.

You've invested the time.You have no choice.

Let's say-- let's give it35 minutes.

You're kind of not moving much.

Then it starts to movea little bit.

And then it starts to movefreely, but there's no evidenceof anything causing it.

So, and you have that momentwhen you're like, "That wasabout fucking nothing?"

Like there's-- there's nojustice in the world?

There's no explanation for that.

Like, I don't thinkI wanted to see a dead guy.

I didn't want to see a dead guy.

But an aggravated guy, you know,with a fucked up car going...

"Heh-heh", you know,like that would be good.

Just so I could say like, "Fuckthat guy.

"Naw, he's in trouble."