Malik S. - We're All the Same

Season 2, Ep 0202 07/12/2007 Views: 2,575

People think if a black man works, he's trying to be white. (2:36)

I like this audience.

It's so diverse in here, man.

You got white people,black people,

you know, Asians, and Hispanics;this is beautiful, man.

(cheering)I love it.

I love performingfor all types of people.

Yeah, man, I love this, man.

Because we're all the samepeople, man.

We get caught up in all thesestereotypes in this country.

Like if a white boy rap,he trying to be black.

If a black man work,he trying to be white.

You know, it's all...

Some brothers work.

Some of us work, you know.

They got stereotypes like,all white people crazy.

I got a white friend.He ain't crazy, you know?

They got stereotypes likeall black people sell drugs.

That is so stupid.

How all of us goingto sell drugs?

Not all black peoplesell drugs, okay?

'Cause some of us just cook it.

You got to work your way upto be a salesman, you know.

(cheering)You know.

You got to be a lookout,a bagger.

You don't get on the blockjust like that, you know?

They don't give you a long,white T-shirt on your first day.

That take a long time, you know?

Anybody laughing at that joke,you buy drugs.

That's why you knowwhat they wear.

Because we allthe same people, man.

We just made different choiceswith God.

That's why we look different.

I'm going to tell youwhat happened a long time ago.

We made different choiceswith God

and he blessed uswith what we wanted.

White girl went to God.God said, "What would you like?

"Long, silky beautiful hairor a big ass?"

White girl say, "You know what?I don't want to walkaround Earth

"with no big old ass.

"Give me some long,silky, beautiful hair.

pH-balanced, yeah."

God was like, "There you go."

Now a black girl went up to God

and he said,"What would you like?"

Long, silky, beautiful hair,or a big ass?"

Black girl's like, "Shoot,

Give me some ass 'causeI can buy hair for $14.99.

I could buy hair."

(cheering and applause)

See, now they got hairand an ass, white girl.

Even with the blackand white man.

We made different choices.

That's why we look different.

White man went to God. God said,"What would you like a big...

or good credit?"


White man said, "You know what,

"one day I want to live in agood neighborhood, Long Island.

"You know, I want to bein a good neighborhood.

"I want to raise a family.

"Give me good credit.

Yeah, I want a mortgage, yeah."

God was like, "There you go."

Now a black man went up to God

and God say, "What would youlike a big... or good credit?"

Black man was like,"Well, shoot.

"Give me a big mmm,'cause if I use it right,

"that white girl'sgonna buy me a house,you know what I'm saying?"

(laughter and applause)

Well... that's it.


Yeah, I don't really do likea big exploding joke at the end

or nothing,'cause, uh, it's a job.


And I treat it just likeyou treat your job.

Because whatever it is you do

for eight hours a day,right before you clock out,

you don't start doing yoursextra good, do you?

You just clock out, right?

(cheering and applause)