Profiles in Tremendousness - HUD Secretary Nominee Ben Carson

December 5, 2016 - Van Jones 12/05/2016 Views: 28,025

President-elect Trump tweets his nomination for Ben Carson to head up the Department of Housing and Urban Development, even though Carson claimed he wasn't qualified. (2:40)

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-(laughter) -Oh, oh, speaking ofblack people getting new jobs.

This weekend, I was on Twitter,

you know,doing the usual Twitter stuff,

uh, replying to people,uh, sliding into DM's,

arguing about whether a giraffe

should wear a necktieup or down--

uh, which I don't even knowwhy it is an argument,

because if you knew giraffes,you'd know that giraffes

don't wear neckties, becausethey work in tech, people.

It's all about hoodies.

Anyway, I lost a few friendsover that argument,

and so afterwards I thought,you know,

let's try somethingless divisive.

So I wenton Donald's Trump's Twitter...

and I saw this.

NEWSWOMAN: We have more now on the new cabinet appointments

for President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump tweeting his choiceof former rival

Ben Carson to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

NEWSWOMAN: ...Donald Trump announcing

another cabinet pick.

Happened about 6:45 a.m. this morning,

and it is that man, Dr. Ben Carson.

(like Carson):I'm so...



That guy doesn't look likehe's been told about anything.

(like Carson):So happy.

And you know what, one part ofthat just struck me as unfair.

You can't tellBen Carson anything

at 6:45 in the morning.

He can't fully open his eyesuntil noon.

That's just not cool, man.

But congrats, Dr. Carson.

Welcome to Trump's cabinet...

and to ourProfiles in Tremendousness.

I have the mostdedicated people.

-(cheering, applause) -I have the best people.

Yes, Donald Trumphas announced Ben Carson

as the man who will be in chargeof an 8,000-employee,

$42 billion-a-yearfederal department

that servesmillions and millions

of low- and middle-class-incomeAmericans.

And a lot of people are callingthis a strange appointment,

especially for a doctor

with no governmentor bureaucratic experience,

who himself...himself reportedly said

he didn't feel qualifiedto run a federal agency.

I mean, if you want a doctor

to run the Department of Housingand Urban Development,

at least get a doctor who hasthe name House in his name.


So one more time--congrats, Ben...

or as Donald Trump called himin his announcement,


Just take a momentto appreciate that.

That's how he announced him,@RealBenCarson.

This is the worldwe now live in.

Even our leaderswill be referred to

by their Twitter handles.

They'll be announcing peopleat the UN,

like, "We'd like to welcome@RealDonaldTrump,

and his Excellency,the Japanese Prime Minister

@samurai badass15.

Thank you for coming together

to work on #WorldHunger.