The Dangers of Drugs

Jamallies Season 1, Ep 1 09/14/2016 Views: 6,248

Two local cops give a presentation about all the terrible things that can happen when you indulge in marijuana, cocaine or molly. (1:50)

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- Okay people.

The school boardis making us discuss

the dangersof drugs with you.

Two cops are hereto talk about it.

Listen, don't listen,I don't give a shit.

[inhales deeply]Mmm.

- So you little kidslike drugs?

[cheering]- Who doesn't?

- You think a little puff-puff,snort-snort's cool, huh?

Sound like fun?[cheering]

- Yeah, I'm high right now.

- Well, we'll seehow you feel about drugs

after this slide show.

- The fuckis a slide show?

- [inhales deeply]

- This is Timothy.Handsome, innocent, smart.

Only half Jew.

He was on his wayto Harvard Business School

on a full scholarship.

- Until he met JaMarcus.

JaMarcus introducedTimothy to marijuana.

Now Timothy isa fat, blimp loser

who can't see his feetand smells like Funyons.

- Legend.

- This is Chang Chu Lu.

Honorable, disciplined,

and we're assuming,excellent at math.

- Until he met JaMarcus.

- Damn, JaMarcus out hereslingin' like the boy Marlo.

- It only tookone snort of nose candy

before Changbelieved he could fly.

He couldn't.- Oh, snap!

- Last and least,meet Darryl.

Darryl was an honor studentand star of his football team,

who surprisingly hadno illegitimate children

or police record.- Until he met...

all: JaMarcus!

- JaMarcus gave Darryl molly.

It's a popular party drug,

known to help kidslose their inhibitions.


- Yeah, get it Darryl.

- Darryl caught AIDS.

- Ooh.- Oh.

- Not the Magic Johnson kind,

the full-blown,Matthew McConaughey

in "Dallas Buyers Club" kind.

- Nigga what?

- So kids,if somebody

offers you drugs,just say no.

- Man, don't nobodyhave to offer us drugs.

We already got them shits.

- You don't gotthem shits anymore.

We raided your lockersthis morning.

As of right now,Chamberlain Heights

is drier thanyour teacher's clam.

[class groaning]

- Is my insulin in there?