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Ted Alexandro supports electing a woman president; he thinks it would be fun. (1:57)

-Poor Bush.

What happened to him, huh?

His approval rating is downto like friends and family.

It's better than Cheney,though, he's just family.

He shot his friend in the face.

Your friend numberswill plummet.

I think it's time fora woman president.

I think I'd vote for a woman.

I think it would be fun.

But you always hear the samething about the prospect

of either a woman presidentor a black president.

People say, I don't know ifAmerica is ready for that.

I don't even knowthat means, "ready."

Oh, you mean becauseAmerica's racist and sexist?

Whoa, no, no.

I'm just talkingabout readiness.

I think a womanpresident would be fun.

It would be different.

Like instead ofdeclaring war I think

a woman would declarelike the silent treatment.


It'd be like,everyone, everyone.

(EFFEMINATE VOICE) Weare not talking to Iraq.

No, no.

I am so pissed atthem right now.

If you see them donot talk to them.

Pass it on, pass it on.

I am so pissed I can'teven tell you right now.

That reminds me, getKorea on line two.


(REGULAR VOICE) My friendactually mentioned the Iraq war

the other day and I gotreally upset because I've been

TiVo-ing the newssince Bush took office

and I was just going towatch it all at the end.

And I was like [bleep]great thanks a lot.

Thanks for ruiningthe war for me.

I appreciate that.