John Henson - New York Attitude

Lynch, Henson, Taylor Season 2, Ep 13 05/20/1993 Views: 2,029

New Yorkers take their attitudes wherever they go. (1:36)

How are you feeling?

I am in New Yorker.

Do we have any otherNew Yorkers here?

Are there any here?

It is so good to beback in the city.

I've been doing alot of travelling.

I've noticed something.

When you travel, youtake that New Yorker

attitude with youwherever you go.

You do.

I was in the middleof West Virginia.

I'm lost, I pull overto the side of the road.

There's this old guywearing overalls.

I said, excuse me.

Can you tell me howto get to the highway?

The guy looks at me witha totally straight face.

He goes, you're goingto want to go northwest.


Want am I, Magellan?

Do you see a compass in my car?

Let's skip the directions asthe crow flies, bubba, OK?

I don't have time to seewhich direction the sun

sets in, all right?

Can I get a leftor right, please?

You gotta be careful though.

You gotta be careful.

That New Yorker attitudewill get you in trouble.

I get on thehighway, first thing

I get pulled over for speeding.

Cop walks over to me,I roll down the window.

He says, do you knowhow fast you were going?

I couldn't resistance.

I said, yeah, I know exactlyhow fast I was going.

What I didn't know was that youwere parked behind the bridge.

Like if I had knownthat, we probably

would be havingthis conversation.

Is there anything else Ican help you with, officer?

I don't know if you noticed,but I'm in a bit of a hurry.

So I'm in the holding cell, andI'm make it a lot of friends.

I'm happy to beback in New York.