Mark Normand - Watch Your Mouth Around the Lady - Uncensored

Amy Schumer Presents Mark Normand: Don't Be Yourself Season 1, Ep 1 05/13/2017 Views: 1,092

Mark Normand has got a message for overprotective dudes: Women don't need you to protect them from bad language. (0:29)

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- Watch your mouth around the lady.

- Whoa, easy, Fred Worst.

(eerie music)

Watch your moutharound the lady?

I never got that whole thing.

You only want to protect them 'cause you think they're weak.

She's my friend.

We came together.

She's filthier than me.

Girls are gross.

They bleed and they takedicks in their mouth.

I think she can take an F-bomb.

I know you're trying tobe a hero, but come on.

What's worse, her not hearing a curse word,

or you making her decisions for her?

- [Announcer] Amy Schumer Presents Mark Normand.

Don't Be Yourself Uncensored.

Premiers May 12th at midnight.