Inside Amy Schumer's Writers Room - Male Writers

Season 4, 06/11/2016 Views: 7,875

Mike, Kyle and Kurt try to come up with a sketch that speaks to the female experience. (2:18)

- I have a great writing staff.

And there's even a few guys on the team.

Their contributions are so invaluable.

- I love Batman.

- Yeah.

- Yeah I like how he rescues people.

- Yeah well he's a hero and a gentleman, you know?

- That's what won me over.

- Hey guys, great news.

We just won a Women Are What's Happening Now award.

So let's really like lean into that.

And um...

(phone text clicks)

You know, just come up with some

sketch ideas that really speak

to the female, one second.

(phone text clicks)

To the female experience.


And we will pitch those to Amy

when she's back from her fight club, great.

- Jesus Christ, how much more of that?

The female experience?

What the hell does that even mean?

- Kyle, you got anything?

- You know that thing when you're

waiting for a date but you're starving

so you just eat yourwhole tube of lipstick?

- No, not at all but how about this?

Boobs, they're too heavy, right?

So a pillow that you rest your heavy your,

that might be a real invention.

- OK something about how having boobs

means that you can get away with anything.

So like Amy kills this judge and everyone sees it.

There's footage of it but you know,

the boobs look so good that the jury

doesn't even care.

I mean this is how most women get away with murder.

- No, I know it's not comedy dude.

Listen, something simple.

How about the nuisance of having

to watch your vagina every hour?

- Hey that must suck.

- I thought it was every half hour.

- Well depends on if you're a smoker.

But I mean that can't be easy.

Rinsing it, findingthe right kind of soap.

You gotta try not to get your skirt wet.

And then if you don't do it,

what are you gonna do?

That's unacceptable.

It's like your betweena rock and a hard place.

I feel kinda bad for them, you know?

Maybe something where Amy keeps

forgetting to watch her vagina.

And people are very reasonably upset with her.

- What if she gets her vagina wet after midnight

and it just turns into a gremlin?

- Why don't we just sit here quietly

for the next three hours?

- I love Batman.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.