Deleted Scene - Gabriel Iglesias - Saudi Arabia

Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Season 1, Ep 101 04/07/2013 Views: 29,351

America was not responsible for anything that happened to Gabriel Iglesias in Saudi Arabia. (1:38)

-Let me explain.

As an American, youcannot just purchase

an airline ticket togo to Saudi Arabia.

You have to be invited by aperson of power, you know?

When I left Detroitto go over there,

I had to fill out a formthat says I understand

that I'm going to Saudi Arabia.

And should somethinghappen to me--

one of those things onthe list being kidnapping,

conveniently right above death--America is not responsible.

The prince could haveactually, you're mine,

and two weeks later,now he's showing

someone else around, right?

That is my snake.

That is my zebra.

That is my Mexican.

That is my tiger.

He would set up some littlebox that says "geebril."

But it never happened.

And we're walkingaround, and I actually

pulled him aside for a second.

I said, listen, uh, Igotta tell you something.

What you tell me?

I, I need to apologize.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

I just want toapologize for coming

here with the wrong mentality.

I says, unfortunately, I thoughtthat, uh, uh, just, you know,

because it is theMiddle East, I thought

you guys were going to be rude.

And everybody's beennothing but nice.


I know!

I didn't think you guys weregoing to speak English so well

and understand, youknow, so many references.

And you guys get everything.


I know!

I thought you guys weregoing to throw rocks.

But you were funny.


Never mind.

All right, two out ofthree [inaudible]. [laughs]