Jake Johannsen - Introduction of the Band

Roberts, Winstead, Kataoka Season 2, Ep 3 05/25/1993 Views: 2,521

It's fun to have a band on your show because of all the metal chicks backstage. (2:07)

This is Two DrinkMinimum, and I'm really

excited to be workingwith a band again.

It's been a long time, but Iused to be in a band myself.

I don't know if you knew that.

We were pretty good, too.

I mean, not asgood as these guys,

but we did have one thingthat these guys don't have.

But I'm going tocorrect that right now,

because I boughtthem all a present.

And I think this is reallygoing to bring back the old days

for me, and give us that teamfeeling here on the show.

So why don't you guysput your presents on,

and I'll introduce the fellows.


On base, Jack of all trades andordained minister Jim Dillman.

Let's hear it for Jim.


On the next Hard Copy.

He is an ordainedminister who strung

more than his guitar strings.

And next on guitar,guitar man Eric Porter.

Let's hear it.

Now, uh-- Eric's bio saysthat he was a music director

for several prisonmusicals, including

Guys and Guys and Mr. Saigon.

So-- then, next wehave Ralph Carney

King of the New Wave Horn.

Ralph, could you holdup the new wave horn?

Oh, yes.


That the new wave horn.

Unlike a lot ofother monarchies,

King of the New Wave Horn doessay carry with it a lot of duty

and responsibility, in additionto quite a bit of power.

And speaking of power,musical director

and bandleader anddrummer Chris Butler.

Let's hear it for Chris.


Chris, uh-- Chris is the editorof Guitar World Magazine,

and I think I actuallysaw Star Trek where they

encountered a shipfrom Guitar World.

That could have been at Hee Haw.

Anyway, but probably themost important reason,

you know, that we uh--we like to have a band,

and one look atthese guys and you

can tell it's prettyobvious, and that

is mega-bitching metalchicks backstage.

So-- thank you,folks, for coming.