Sean Patton - Ball-Busting Pigeon

Season 2, Ep 16 06/22/2013 Views: 5,173

Sean Patton tries his hand at being an insult comic but finds it doesn't suit him. (2:16)

Where my Italians at?

Huh? Huh? Huh?(audience cheers)

Oh? Oh, yeah?!

I got your fricking tomatoright here!

I got your tomato right here!

(scattered laughs)

Underneath all that pubic hair,

you Mediterranean piecesof shit!

Boom! Know what I mean?

Women can't drive.

My wife, I was, like,"Who taught you to drive,

another woman?"

Boom! Boom!

Where my Irish peoples at?

(audience cheers)

Oh, yeah? I got your frickingpotato right here!

Boom! Boom!

Why don't you go build a ship

so it can sink in 1912in the North Atlantic?

(snickers quietly)

I can't, I can't do it anymore.

It's not who I am.

I do not,I do not have a tomato.

I do not have a tomatonor a potato.

I apologize for gettingyour hopes up.

I think women are fine...

fine, fine drivers.

My wife's here.Give it up for her.

She's beautiful.

I'm not married!(laughs)

I don't have a wife.

I don't!

You remember? That seemedlike what all the comedians were

when I was a kid.

It was, like, "Hey, you'reall stupid! I hate you!

You're all ugly! Bye. Boom!"

Where'd they all go?

I like, I missed that.

I like, I like...


Hey!" The ballbuster pigeon.


"Give me some more crumbs,you homeless piece of shit!

I knew the differencebetween a penny and a crumb!"