What the Actual Fact? - Questionable Speeches at the RNC

July 22, 2016 - The RNC Night 4: The Party's Over 07/22/2016 Views: 38,689

Desi Lydic fact-checks several RNC speakers, including two Benghazi soldiers, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and self-proclaimed LGBT ally Donald Trump. (4:59)

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Now, now, a lot of the fearbeing stoked this week

has been helped by the cavalcadeof misinformation flying around.

So to help us clear things up,

we go now to Desi Lydicwith What the Actual Fact?

So much to talk about.

Let's get this over with so Ican wrap up this convention week

with a nice, long,relaxing shower cry.

First up,let's go back to day one,

when Marine Corps veteransMark Geist and John Tiegen

addressed the conventionon the GOP's favorite subject--

it starts with a "B"

and ends with "-enghaziwas Hillary Clinton's fault."

September 11, 2012,at approximately 9:35, 9:40,

we got a call the U.S. consulatehad been overrun.

We immediately got our gearready to go,

got-got the vehicles ready,

and we got...on three separate occasions,

we got told to waitby the chief of base, Bob,

and we got told to stand down.

That's false.

Multiple federal committeesinvestigated this,

and all of them said there wasno official stand-down order.

Although there was a make-believe guy in a movie

who d issue an order like that

in the Michael Bay filmabout Benghazi.

-Losing initiative.-Stand down!

Basically, this is somethingthat makes sense in a movie

but not in real life.

So I give it one Katherine Heigl(bleep)ing Seth Rogen.

(cheering and applause)

(clears throat)

Next up, FloridaAttorney General Pam Bondi.

Winning this election meansreclaiming something to which

I've dedicated my entire career,

the rule of law,

laws that apply equallyto everyone.

That's right. Under Bondi,

the laws applyequally to everyone,

except in 2013when Pam Bondi was thinking

about joininga New York state probe

into whether Trump Universitywas ripping people off,

but then she decided to back off

after getting a $25,000 donationfrom the Trump Foundation.

It's not exactly illegal,but it does look pretty shady.

So ethically speaking, I haveto give that statement...

Oh. (laughs) Thank you.


Oh, I give that nothing.We're all good here.

(applause and cheering)

(clears her throat)

Now, before I move on,

I just want to go to Ivankafor a quick sec.

My father and our next president

Donald J. Trump.

-(applause and cheering)-♪

-(audience groans)-Yeah.

Yeah, that's not a fact.It's just super creepy.

-(laughter)-(clears her throat)

Now, let's getto the golden calf himself

and his promiseto the gay community.

As your president, I will doeverything in my power

to protect our LGBTQ citizens

from the violence and oppression

of a hateful foreign ideology!

Is it just me,or does he say "LGBTQ"

like he's reading off an eyechart at Oberlin College?


(cheers and applause)

Listen, listen, I hopeTrump's statement is true,

but even if he protectsthe LGBT community

from hateful foreign ideology,

he doesn't mention anythingabout hateful domestic ideology,


(applause and cheering)

Specifically his politicalhusband Mike Pence....


Because vice president Q-tipisn't exactly

the queer community's besty.

Mike Pence isagainst gay marriage,

gays in the militaryand gays in your pizzeria

if you don't want them there.

He has also said you can "ungay"people through therapy.

So, this statement is false.

Donald Trump is giving yousomething that looks refreshing,

but it's missing the mostimportant part,

like a virgin margarita.


It's disgusting.

It's like a Cokewithout the rum.


Okay. We have time to check onemore fact, and it's a doozy.

At our convention,there will be no lies.


(applause and cheering)