President Trump Is America's Biggest Snowflake

January 30, 2017 - Sybrina Fulton & Tracy Martin 01/30/2017 Views: 71,469

Neal Brennan breaks down Donald Trump's inability to laugh at "Saturday Night Live" parodies and explains how his presidency has impacted comedy. (5:22)

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I'm joined nowby my friend Neal Brennan,

whose new special 3 Mics is nowstreaming on Netflix.

Ladies and gentlemen,Neal Brennan!

(cheers and applause)

-Hey, buddy.-What's up, buddy?

-Welcome back to the show.-Thank you, buddy.

So, uh, let's talk a little bitabout the show.

Everyone says it,

and I don't know if that helpsor hinders the comedy.

People watch it, and they go,"It's very funny, but, oh,

he talks about depressionin such a... a new way."

-Is that what you were tryingto do? -Well, a new...

I mean, I talk about itin a new way

in that I just talk about it,in general, and the thing...

I did itwhen I was doing the show live.

-I was on this show...-Yeah.

..and you and I talked about it.

And what people don't know isyou have depression, too.

-Yes.-But you're so goddamn cute...

(laughter) one would ever guess it.-(laughter)

You know what's weird is that...

Like, you look at me,and you go, "Yeah, he's got it."

-(laughter)-I don't think that.

I've never thought that.I've never looked in...

I look in your eyes, Neal.

-That's fine.-I look in your eyes.

-You taped the showin September. -Yeah.

That was beforeDonald Trump became president.


So are there any Trump jokesin the show?

No, 'cause I didn't...

First of all, I didn't thinkhe was going to win.


But I didn't...I just didn't ha...

I didn't want to put him inand then, you would...

-Why? Are you afraid?-No, I'm not afraid.

I think he's afraid.

You know, people on the right

talk about liberalsbeing snowflakes, meaning

they're overly sensitive,and they can't take a joke.

But Donald Trump is the biggestsnowflake in America.

(cheers and applause)

-The biggest snowflake?-Yeah. He's...

-Except he's the color snowflakeyou shouldn't eat. -(laughter)

I don't even...Like, but okay.

But I don't understand.Trump's a mean guy.

Like, Trump's the guywho's, like... He's mean.

I don't think you cancall Trump a "snowflake."

Yes, you can. Dude, Trumpwatches SNL, a show that's known

for mocking the president,and is somehow hurt

-that they mock him, too.-(laughter)

So Trump thought comedy writerswould look at his life,

his spray tan, his tiny hands,his hooker pee,

and be like, "We can't finda good comedy angle here."


Week after week he watches SNL, gets made fun of,

tweets about how bad it is,

then watches it againthe next week

-and gets butt hurtall over again. -(laughter)

(applause and cheering)

But you know... but you knowwhat they say, Trevor.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me every weekfor a year straight,

-maybe I'm a (bleep) sociopath.-(laughter)

-(applause and cheering)-Okay, so... so then...

So then you're probably oneof those people who thinks

-that Trump is good for comedy.-I don't know.

My Twitter feedhas gone off the rails.

It used to be peoplemaking jokes and funny memes,

but now, everyone's like,

"You got to followthis national park."


I'm not gonna follow a park.

I don't even goto parks in real life.

Also, whenever I hear "park" and"follow" in the same sentence,

I assumesomeone's gonna get murdered.

Oh, like, oh,you know what?

Here's a question I have,'cause you are a comedian.

-Mm-hmm.-Do you think

Donald Trump's son Barron shouldbe off-limits for comedians?

Yeah, I do.

Why would you make fun of Barronwhen we have Eric?

(laughter, applause & cheering)

Eric has the kind of faceyou want to punch

even though it looks likesomeone just beat you to it.


I also don't think people shouldmake fun of Melania

because she's clearly goingthrough some stuff.

-Like, did you see her atthe inauguration? -Yeah, yeah.

BRENNAN:"Smile, smile, smile, smile.

-Oh, God, thank God it's over."-(laughter)


Melania was actually embodying

what a lot of Trump voters aregoing through now.

This was the election, like,"Hey, this guy's fun,

"he says what's on his mind,he's an outsider.

"Sure he loves Putin-- at leasthe's better than Hillary.

"Wait, Obamacareand the Affordable Care Act

-"are the same thing?-(laughter)

Oh, man, I (bleep) up."

(laughter, applause)

I, uh... Do you think...

Here's a question.This is... this is weird.

I haven't figured this out yet.Do you think that people

are genuinely surprisedby Trump's behavior?

I don't thinkultra-conservatives are.

I think they're super happy.

But I think moderate votersare having second thoughts--

which is insane, because heis exactly who he said he was.

You can't act surprised now.

Trevor, when you buy a pet tiger

and then he eats your face,you can't be like,

"This is very out of characterfor you, Tiger."

Yeah, well,you can't say anything,

-'cause you don't have a face.-Yeah, your face is gone.

-Your face is gone.-The point is, you guys...


...the point is,we have to impeach the tiger.

(laughter, whooping, applause)

And then we'll put him in a zoo

where peoplecan just stare at him,

because that's all the tigerever really wanted anyway.

-(cheering, applause)-Neal Brennan, everybody.

Be sure to check outNeal's standup special,

3 Mics, on Netflix.

Neal Brennan, everybody!