Kyle Kinane - Trying to Have a Baby

Kyle Kinane Season 15, Ep 10 02/25/2011 Views: 14,647

Kyle Kinane thinks that trying to get pregnant takes all the fun out of having sex. (1:27)

two people that are like,"We're trying to have a baby."


That's some-- That'ssome secret Nazi [deleted]

right there.

Whenever you seetwo people, ooh--

It's already the two peoplethat are already creepy

and they, like, they sittoo close to eachother

at the bar and feedeachother nachos.

Like, umm-mm, we'rein love, hu-ew.

It's already sick.

Like, they're alreadygross, ya know?

But then, youhear 'em say,

"We're trying tohave a baby--" Uck.

"We're tryingto have a baby."

No--You're [deleted].

That's whatyou're doing.

But you're taking all thewonderful, beautiful, dirty

sticky, gross, great thingsabout sex-- Just all the...

oh, yeah, slap that,maybe put a finger.

Okay, no finger--no finger.

All right, okay.

[audience laughter]

I mean, I askedwhile I was doing it.

Okay, that was wrong--I asked while I was doing it.

Ask first, then do...with permission, okay.

Fair enough...fair enough.

That's how-- that's how youkeep the relationship alive.

But those people, they takeall that wonderful stuff

and they take all thatand they just wipe that away

and they justreplace it with,

"This is how we make littlepeople with our faces on 'em--


That's disgusting.

That's the most horrifyingthing in the world.

That should be furthestfrom your mind.

This is how we makelittle you's and me's.

Get outta here,you creeps.

How else are yougonna make a jerk?

That's what happens.

Those peoplealways have a jerk.

Mommy and daddysaid I'm special.

You're a jerk--get outta here.

[audience laughter]