Full Circle

Born in the Valley, Hollywood Finale Season 1, Ep 12 01/06/2014 Views: 1,156

Brody may get knocked down, but he always picks himself up again. (1:56)

We made it full circle.

Brody got knocked downand he picked himself up...

with the support of hisfriends and medication.

Lamictal, eye browsgrowing back...

I don't see a scar.Who's got a scar? Not me.

Ten percent gay, you got it!( VESPA HORN BEEPS )

And I don't care what...( BEEPING CONTINUES )

you think about that. Yes!( BEEPING CONTINUES )

Oh, it's Zach.I'm talking to the camera.

This is my moment!Brody Stevens: Enjoy it!

Comedy Central's first drama!( BEEPING CONTINUES )

Zach, I'm talking to the camera.

I know, but let's go.

Zach, I appreciate, you know,everything you've done for me.

Thank you for being a friend.

Thank yo--( LOUD BEEPING )

Come on, let's go.

Thanks for the offer, Zach...

but I got my own Vespa.Yes! Whoo!



Let's go!


You okay?I'm okay.

You all right?I'm okay.