He Wants the Dance

Hog Riders Season 1, Ep 2 02/14/2017 Views: 752

The guys scramble to revise a pitch after their client makes it clear that he's a fan of the Hunky Specs commercial that Ned came up with. (1:56)

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- The dance?

- Yes, you know.The Hunky Specs.

Yeah, yeah. I want--I want that.

- Okay, uh, what if we justadded a dance component

to the commercial that wealready pitched you?

- Yeah, like, uh,what if,

like, maybe the dadin the tent

kind of, like,wiggles his booty?

- Oh, yeah, yeah,he makes his booty clap.

- [laughs]- Oh, that's good.

- Actually, that's great.You know, that could work.

- It definitely could.- Guys, guys, guys.

Don't leave mehalf-hard here.

Why are we talkingabout the old ad?

I wantthe full-on dance treatment.

That's what I want.

- All right. Okay.

Um...So, okay.

All right, so maybeyou're, um,

maybe you're walkingthrough your store,

you look to camera,you're just like--

- Why would I do that?

- I don't know, sir.

- It's not sexy.

- Uh, well, actually, what ifthe dance is more like, uh--


Feel it.Feel it.

You feel it.

You just kind of feel it.

You're gonna--ooh.

Oh, there's somethingin my tummy.

It's more groovin'.

It's groovin'.

Now it's a baby.

There it is.

- Fellas, is thissome sort of joke?