The 1900s - It Was a Different Time

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 07/27/2016 Views: 181

Chris to reminisces about the decade in which he helped Jenny McCarthy get famous. (0:56)

Whether you love heror you hate her

or you begrudgingly support herbecause the alternative

is the literal apocalypse,you got to acknowledge

the historical natureof Hillary Clinton becoming

the first female presidentialnominee for a major party.

And as a signof just how far we've come,

Boing Boing noted a 1995 article

in which a T-shirt reading

"Someday a womanwill be president"

was pulled from Wal-Mart shelves

because it offended shoppers

and "goes againstWal-Mart family values."

If this all sounds unbelievable,keep in mind this was back

in 1995-- the 1900s, guys--

when TLC's "Waterfalls" toppedthe charts,

Time magazine's Man of the Yearwas Newt Gingrich,

and every Vine star was justsome really annoying (bleep).


-over the break...-(cheering and applause)

It was a different time.

A young, floppy-hairedChris Hardwick

was helping Jenny McCarthybecome famous. Uh...