Mentally Preparing at Fenway Park

Boston Me Party Season 1, Ep 11 01/06/2014 Views: 1,809

Brody gets some inspiration from Boston's famous baseball stadium before he tapes The Half Hour. (1:36)

I'm in Fenway Park.

I sought out permissionto get inside this stadium.

They said, "Brody, we know you.Please, yes.

"We insist that you sitin our bullpen.

"It's the visitor's bullpen,but sit in it."

You know, I didn't makeit as far as I wantedto in baseball...

but I'm doing it in comedy...

and I'm doing my half-hourspecial in Boston.

Tonight could be the biggestnight of my life.

And for me to be right herewhere championships and momentshave taken place.

I feel like Boston deservesto see a championship...

as I celebrate my comedicchampionship.

And I'm gonna take the energyfrom this bullpen to The Royale.

I'm feeling pumped up,put me in the game.

I am ready to takethe stage tonight.

James Earl Jones?

Yes. You got it.

Positive energy.

Do you see that?

Hash tag, Push and believe.

I mean, I took myLamictal last night.

Does Fenway have a pharmacy?I need to double check on it.

I mean, I'm okay.