Deleted Scene - Lillian's Beefcake Bear Trap

Annulment Season 2, Ep 2 06/22/2016 Views: 1,011

Lillian tries a new tactic to win custody of the Butternut Room -- with the help of a very attractive accomplice. (0:56)

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- Mark my words, three hours, nine glasses of wine,

and four boat-related anecdotes from now,

Victor is going to wish he never set foot in Butternut.

- Wait.

What do you think you're doing?

- Take it off.

- You devil woman.

I don't find him attractive.

At all. I--

You're ugly.


Keep your shirt on, I, I, I command you.

There's no hair on his chest.

Why, he's a Greek God.

- Go, Victor.

- Nooo!

- Nnnuhh!

- Your beefcake beartrapwill not work on me.

- Nnnyaah!