Louis C.K. - Hugh Penny

Louis C.K. Season 1, Ep 12 05/22/1999 Views: 8,397

Hugh Penny suffers from a disease and also plays the violin. (2:40)

>> Louis: All right, well,

listen, folks.

This is a talent show.

It's the Filthy Stupid

Talent Show, and what we do is,


>> Big old fat beard.


[shooting noises]


>> Louis: You ready--

>> Let's go.

>> Louis: All right.

All right, how about a hand

for Sheriff John and Nixony

the Cow?

We're going to start the show.

We're gonna bring on some acts.

We're going to have a good time.

Our first act is Hugh Penny.

Give Hugh Penny a hand.

Hello, Hugh.

>> Hello.

>> Louis: And where are you


>> Well, I am from

North Bridges, Montana.



>> Louis: Okay, and--

people from North Bridges.

And what are you--

what's your talent?

What are you going to do for us?

>> Well, I'm a violinist,

and I'm diabetic.

>> Louis: You're a diabetic


What does that mean exactly?

>> Well, it means that I have a

low-sugar deficiency which I

take a prescription for,

and I play the violin.

>> Louis: All right, does the

diabetes have anything to--does

it work into your violin playing


>> I wouldn't know if it works


I suffer a disease,

and I also play the violin.


>> Louis: Okay, so you play the

violin, but also you just happen

to have diabetes?

>> Well, no, I don't happen to

have it.

It's not something I chose.

It's not a--

I didn't win the lottery for


It's--I like to play the violin

and perform, yes.

>> Louis: And you have diabetes?

>> I'm diabetic.

>> Louis: Right, okay,

all right.

Hugh Penny, give him a hand.

He's gonna plays some violin.

[mournful music]

>> Oh, this is romantic,

this part.

It like romantic music.

It makes me think of kissing.

And then birds come.

[trills notes]

Oh, little birdies, huh?

Birds that fly like wings.

And then hearing the birds makes


>> Excuse me.

>> You're under arrest.

>> What?

I'm playing the violin here.

>> Sir.

>> Louis: Excuse me.

>> You're hurting my arm, sir.

>> It's the least you deserve.

>> I'm cooperating, please.

>> Louis: Excuse me.

What's going on?

>> He's got an outstanding


>> Louis: What for?

>> Multiple homicide and child


>> Hey, [beep] you,

you mother[beep].


[laughter and applause]