Exclusive - Obama's Anger Translator - Where's My Mayo? - Uncensored

Season 1, 01/31/2011 Views: 102,294

Obama's anger translator Luther does not take the president's missing mayonnaise lightly. (0:57)

("Hail to the Chief"/Presidential anthem)

- Goodnight, and God bless.

- In the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit


- [Voiceover] And, cut! Alright,that's an hour for lunch.

- Sandwich right here, Mr. President

- Oops! Oops, I do believe I ordered some extra mayo

- Oh no.

Oh no!

Oh hell no!

You all got to be out yo god-damned minds!

Can a brotha get somema-yo-nnaise up in this bitch?!

- I can make do

- [Key] Oh no! I'm the most powerful motha fucka

in the god-damned world!

And you know, right now in France,

Nicolas Sarkozy, with his little ass,

is eatin a fuckin tub of mayonnaise.

- Do you have a hard time believing

that President Sarkozy

doesn't get a tub full of mayonnaise

when he asks for it?

Maybe it's just me?

- It is not just you!

It is not just you!