Taylor Tomlinson - New Roommate

Sidekicks Season 3, Ep 2 03/10/2016 Views: 178

When Taylor Tomlinson moved in with a roommate she found online, she immediately realized they would never get along. (1:08)

Uh, I found a roommate online,

'cause that's wherethe winners are.

Uh, yup, yup.

Uh, not going well.Not going well at all.

We don't have anythingin common.

I found out she does yogain her free time.

Yeah, she came downstairs firstmorning like, "Namaste."

I'm like, "Mufasa, whore.We're not friends.

This is over right here."

She's so healthy, you guys.

Like, I asked her the other daywhat her favorite foods were.

She told me cranberries,blueberries, and almonds.

Like, "Dude, thoseare ingredients.

Who hurt you?"

She's so positivebut, like, annoyingly positive.

Like, you know those people

that just, like, always seethe glass half full?

And you're like, "Stop it."You know those?

The type of person you don'twant to go traveling with,

'cause anything that goes wrongon the trip, they're like...

"Well, this is an adventure."

"No, this is a flat tirein the middle of Phoenix, Becky.

"We hate you.

"This is why you weren'tin the limo at prom.