Mark Normand - Nervous Around Google

Mark Normand Season 3, Ep 11 07/18/2014 Views: 10,198

Mark Normand no longer trusts Google to keep their interactions private. (1:11)

and then you noticeon your Facebook wall

there's an adfor the thing you Googled?

Well, what the hell is that?

I was on my Facebook wall today,

there was an adfor sexy cougars.

I was like, "Hey, Google,

"that was between us.

"Uh, what the hellare you doing, buddy?

"I thoughtI could tell you anything.

"You're blabbingto the neighbors?

Take it easy."

Now, I'm all nervousaround Google.

Now, it's like that guyI can't trust anymore.

You know? Now, every timeI Google something,

I'm very ambiguous.Now, I'm like, "Uh...

"spicy Latinas...

for a friend."

(chuckles)(crowd laughing)

You guys are so nice. Um...

Yeah. Can I just say this

to the ladies on Fa...?

Are you on Facebook, ma'am?

Get the hell out of here.

Yeah, um...

Yeah. Can you gals on Facebook

just make a photo albumcalled "Swimsuits," all right?

It would save us guysa lot of time, all right?

All that clicking.

You with your aunt,you with your uncle,

you with your cousin,you with your grandma.

What is this-- a treasure hunt?Let's go! Come on!

Give me the two-piece.Geez, Louise.

But that's women in a nutshell.

Even on Facebook, you still makeus work for it, you know?

Now you're like, "Oh, you wantto see me in a bikini?

Well, you got to meetmy whole family."