Cats From Thuban

That Darn Katz! Season 6, Ep 8 08/05/2010 Views: 48,259

The Planet Express crew is brainwashed into serving the whims of a race of alien cats. (1:43)

(door creaking)

(both gasp)

AMY: They actually builtthe planetary ratchet

from my thesis!

(grunting and groaning)



What the...?(gasps)

(in Katz' voice): Well, lookwhat the me dragged in.

You can talk!

You can talk?

How ironic!

Two hyper-intelligent beings

both pretending to besimple house pets.

Say, do you know Obliteron?

He pretendsto be a hamster, but...

Yeah, that's really great.

Could you please tell uswhat's going on?!

What? Oh, right.

You see, my associatesand I are from the ninth planet

of the star you call Thuban.

Long ago, life there was ideal.

The sun provided plenty of warm, dozy light.

The Chicken-Salmon roamed free.


Yet disaster loomed.

Our planet's rotation was gradually slowing.

At first, it seemed beneficial.

Long dark nights for sleeping,

long sunny days for sleeping.

But then, it got too hot.


And too cold.

(purring, shuddering)

Our top scientists went to work.

At last, they located a planet with the necessary orientation

and magnetic field to harness its rotational energy.



Although we call itBlue-Blue Shiny Ball.