Gabriel Iglesias - Fluffy Classics - Beetle

Ian Bagg & Pablo Francisco Season 2, Ep 6 11/08/2012 Views: 67,635

Gabriel Iglesias's classic joke about buying an all-new Beetle gets animated. (2:20)

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We wanted to do somethinga little bit special,

a little bit different,but also, uh,

kind of bring somethingback from the past.

And we've been getting a lot ofpeople yelling out, "Martin!"

And some people ask him if I'mgonna do some of the old jokes,

and yes and no.

I got a little somethingspecial for you guys.

Uh, some really amazinganimators have gotten ahold

of some of my old footageand they actually put some

of my stand-up comedyto a cartoon.

And, uh, well,we got a couple clips.

You guys want to see one?


So, check this out, you guys,for the first time ever,

"Fluffy Classic Clips."

Three years ago, I boughta Beetle, not even thinking.

That's not the joke.

Shut up.

I wasn't thinking.

I bought the car 'cause it was affordable,

economical brand-new freaking Beetle for, like, 17 grand.

I was, like,"Aah!" First new car.

I go to show it off at my friend Martin's house.

I thought it was nice, I pull up, you know.

(mimics car motor)

(mimics brakes screeching)


He lives in the hood.

I don't get out the car.

Across the street there are these gang members.

The kind of gang members that don't really get into,

you know, like, shooting people and stuff like that.

They just hang out on the porch and talk a lot of smack.

And, so, I'm there in a Beetle, and across the street,

I hear this, right? I'm, like,"Martin!"

And over here I hear,


Hey, what's up, guys?

How's it going?

How'd you getin there, ese?

Hurry up, Martin!

Two months later, I go backto pick him up.

Now I've had some time to work on the car, right?

I put some rims on it, some stickers.

I put a chip in the motor so it goes faster.

I thought it was bad, right? I pull up.

(mimics car engine)

(brakes screeching)

(engine revs)

(horn beeps)Martin!


Uh-uh, I'm not turning around.




I don't see you.


(Gabriel groans)


Ah! What?!

Check it out, eh, it's"The Fat and the Furious."