California Legalizes It: Yes, We Can Find Our Keys!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 11/09/2016 Views: 600

Using alternative electoral maps, weed correspondent Doug Benson weighs in on California's vote to legalize recreational marijuana. (1:41)

-(laughter) -Here now,here now with an update

on those measures is of courseour weed correspondent--

Doug Benson is coming on.Uh, Doug Benson.

(cheering, applause)

-Thanks, Chris.-Hey, Doug.

What an exciting night.

Weed is legal in California!

-(cheering, applause) -Whatan amazing day for stoners.

(chanting):Yes, we can...

find our keys!

(audience joins in):Yes, we can...

-find our keys! -Okay,okay, okay, that's enough.

The smoke is ruiningthe green screen, Doug.

It's... it is a literalgreen screen right now.

But that, I'm sorry,that does not look like

-an electoral map.-I look like a ghost!

Yeah, you do. You look like look like a spooky...

you look like a...

The ghost who voted too much!

That's the ghost, yeah. Yeah.

The guy who diedin a sticker factory

has come back to hauntthe green screen.

-But that's not...-Whew!

that's not an electoral collegemap-- what is that, Doug?

Oh, that's a map of,uh, Six Flags.


Six Flags locations,these are the ones,

the circled ones are the oneswith the best funnel cakes.

HARDWICK:Okay, that's good.

Doug, that gives us zeroinformation about the election.

What can you tell us?

Oh, well, I got more maps.

I got, like an old-timey mapof the ocean.

-Look at that guy.-HARDWICK: Oh.

-That's not helpful.-We legalized sea monsters.


-Any other maps?-Ah, yeah.

I also, uh, made a Google mapof, uh...

This is my route thatI drive to work.

HARDWICK:Oh, that's...

Amazing that you really makeall these turns.

Well, I forget some things,I have to go back and around.

Uh, okay, great.

Well, thank you for being here,Doug.

I got to go back and aroundthese things

-right down here.-Cut his feed, but his feed.

We don't need to work...

We don't need to work the baseof Doug's route to work.