Finding Chair's Replacement

Tubman Season 2, Ep 1 06/15/2016 Views: 1,934

Peepers grills applicants about the tiniest minutiae of servant duties in order to find a suitable replacement for the treacherous Chair. (2:35)

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- According to your resume,you were

the second footmanat the Breaker's.

How did you findthat experience?

- Well, I was awardedthe Golden Dustpan twice.

- Well, I thinkI've heard all I need to.

You see, we have no need forbraggarts here at Bellacourt.

I trust you cansee yourself out,

that is, if you cansee past that nose

you've got stuck upin the air.

Good day, sir.

- Mr. Peepers?- Hmm?

- That was the 37th candidatewe've seen.

- Indeed, it was, Garfield,

and I will see 137 moreif need be.

I will never settle when itcomes to Bellacourt.

I let down my guardonce when hiring


- You--um, Chair?

- Well, of courseI mean Chair.

Who else could Ipossibly mean?

Never again, Garfield.Next!

Well, come in, take a seat,quit your quavering.

Your resume?

What is this name, "Floble"?

- Flobelle, sir.

- Very well,let's start with flowers.

It's a mid-fall day,dark clouds on the horizon,

the eldest daughter has beendreaming of giants.

Please describethe flower scheme for the home.

- Azaleas in the foyer,pink peonies in the bedroom,

and a smattering of flying duckorchids in the outhouses.

- That is correct.

What is your favorite typeof pewter?

- Low lead, high silver.

- The lady of the house wishesto take a night walk.

She needs her 1881 Searsand Roebuck taffeta gown

brought to her and buttoned.- What's the question?

- The question is, Flobelle,do you button it

while she's standing there,

or do you wait for herto go on the veranda?

[suspenseful music]

- Well, the answer is neither.

- Well, I can--I've had allthe insolence I can take.

Thank you very much, Floble,or Flobelle, or whatever it is--

- The answer is neitherbecause it's not possible.

Sears and Roebuck manufactured74 different night coats

in the 1880s.

It wasn't until 1898that Sears and Roebuck

began manufacturing taffetanight coats with buttons.

So, you see,I couldn't have buttoned it,

because there wouldn't beany buttons.

- [stammering]

- But if there were to bebuttons, well,

I would let the lady determinewhere she'd like

her buttons buttonedbecause it's not up to me.

Because nothing is up to me.

Because I am just a servant.

Any further questions, sir?

- Just one.

When can you start?

- I already have.

- Don't touch.