Congressman Andy Holt's AR-15 Gun Giveaway

June 20, 2016 - Tom Papa 06/20/2016 Views: 4,749

Tennessee Rep. Andy Holt doubles down on his plan to raffle off an AR-15 for a campaign fundraiser despite the rifle's infamous role in the mass shooting in Orlando, FL. (4:49)

-(cheering, applause)-Whoo! Welcome back!

Now, we are just a few days away

from the first annualHolt's HogFest & Turkey Shoot.

Yeah! Whoo-hoo!

-(others whooping) -You know,the campaign fundraiser

for TennesseeState Representative Andy Holt.

-Yeah? Huh?-Yeah. -(laughter)

Well, it's an eventthat's causing some controversy.

Representative Andy Holtannounced

he was going to give awayan AR-15 as a door prize

for a campaign fundraiser.

-(laughter, groans)-(groans)

Okay, that cannot be right.

Um, I'm sure Representative Holt

in the wake of last week'smass shooting

is putting his plans to giveaway that AR-15 on hold, right?

Now not only does he say he'sstill giving away the weapon,

he wants to give away two.

(laughing, groaning)

This guy shouldn't just getone kick to the nuts,

-he should get two.-(laughter)

-(applause, whooping)-All right, well...

here to discussthe AR-15 giveaway further

is the man in chargeof Representative Holt's

big fundraiser, Burt Powers.Hello, Burt.

-(cheering, applause)-All right, hey.

Great to be here, Larry.Great to be here.

Uh, so, it looks like you're allset up for the big fundraiser.

Oh, that's right,we sure are, man.

Right now you can enter and winamazing prizes, Larry,

including these two beautiesright here, these AR-15's.

Did you know you could shootan adult elephant in half

with one of these puppies?I've seen it.

It is good fun, good fun.

That's not good fun.That's horrible!

Agree to disagree.It's f... it's fun for me.


Okay, so you actually thinkthat anybody should be able

-to own an assault rifle?-Oh, absolutely, Lar.

I am so sick and tiredof the media

and those liberal crumbbumsin Washington

attacking our rightto keep and bear arms!

This is a rightevery American has, Larry.

Every single American.

Oh, uh, can I... can I help you?

Yeah. Uh,we want to enter the raffle

to win one of the AR-15's.

-Right. -Yeah. How muchare the tickets? -Mm-hmm.


well, uh...

are you sure you wantto enter to win the AR-15?

-(chuckles)-Absolutely, yeah.

Wouldn't you...rather the snow cone maker?

-That's delicious!-Nope. No, no.

Or how about this?Oh, this is fantastic.

An amazing family movie night,uh, popcorn bucket.

-Yeah. Yeah. We don't want a...-Who doesn't like popcorn?

-we don't want a popcorn bucket.-No, no.

Burt, it sounds likeyou're having an issue here.

-Is something wrong.-Wha...? No, no, no, no.

They just struck meas cinephiles, is all.

You know, movie buffs.(chuckles)

I'm sure you guys must lovefilms like, you know,

Fat Mama's House and such,

uh, The Boyz in the Neighborhood,

or whatever Tyler Perryis currently presenting--

you know, movies. Movies.

No! We don't... No.We just want one of the AR-15's.

-Yeah, that's it.-Yeah, give those nice people

a chance to winan assault rifle.

R-Right.Right, right, right, right.

Well, uh...

well, uh, wh-wh-whenRepresentative Holt

-came up with thatAR-15 giveaway, -Uh-huh. Right.

I don't know thathe was picturing, you know...

Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute,bro, wait a minute.

-Is this 'cause we're black?-What? No! You're black?!


-Yeah. Yeah, we are.-What? I had no idea.

Did you know they were black?

No, I don't carewhat color you are.

I don't... Color?I don't care if you're white

-or blue or orange or purple...-You didn't say black.

Uh, let me... let me finishnaming colors. (chuckles)

-Fine.-Uh, you could be sea foam

-Sea foam?-or magenta or burgundy.

-Burt. Burt, Burt, Burt,-There's so many colors.

-you seem very uncomfortableright now. -What?

I've never been more at easein-in my...

Ring, ring, ring.That's my cell phone.

Ring, ring, ring. Oh, hello.I got to...

-What the (bleep)is wrong with you, man? -What?

-Just give us the damn gun!-I'm sorry, I got this

-very important call...-But you made all those noises

-with your mouth. -Absolutely.-That's not true.

This is, uh... I got newring technology. Google that.

-It's true. It's a whole new...-Mm-hmm. Okay.

Look, what...what is the problem, Burt?

A minute ago you were gung-hoabout this AR-15 giveaway.

Now some black people come up

and you don't wantto give them the guns?

Aw, come on, man, you keepmaking this about the color

of... I just... How manycolors do I have to name?

I mean... I'll name all of them.

Eggshell--that's a lovely color.

Uh, I don't careif you're pomegranate.

-Mm-hmm. -I don't careif you're forest green.

(chuckles)Pimento. Apricot.

-WILMORE: Pimento?-Nothing really matters.

I must run.Good-good tidings and such.

-Thank you.-(laughter)

-Unbelievable. Wow.-(applause, whooping)

Well, guys, uh... I guess...

I guess I should say sorry youwon't be able to win the AR-15.

Oh, we don't want a gun, Larry.

We just wanted to messwith these mother (bleep).


(applause, whooping)

-Okay. -You know how it is,you know how it is.

-Yeah. -They always wanteverybody to have a gun

-unless it's us.-Yeah.

But I am takingthis popcorn bucket, though.


Milk Duds.(giggles)

All right, we'll be right backright after this.