Purpleberry Pond

Saturday Morning Fun Pit Season 7, Ep 19 07/17/2013 Views: 10,402

The Planet Express crew portrays characters on "Purpleberry Pond," encouraging kids to eat lots of Purpleberry Puffs. (1:42)

♪ Purpleberry Pond is funfor young and old ♪

♪ When healthy juicypurpleberries fill your bowl ♪

♪ We all get alongand we're happy and merry ♪

I must get my handson those healthy purpleberries.


♪ Of eating rightwe are very fond ♪

♪ When we eat togetheron Purpleberry Pond. ♪

(cheery music plays,birds chirp)

Good morning,Princess Purpleberry.

Isn't it a lovely morning?

It's particularly purp-tacular.

It's pur-practicallypur-perfect.

It's funny how we never gettired of the word "purple."


And it's all thanksto a balanced diet,

composed of nothingbut purpleberries.

I must get my handson those healthy purpleberries.


ANNOUNCER:Purpleberry Pond will return after these messages.

Hey, Mickey,you seem kind of down.

You should trysome sugar-blasted

Purpleberry Puffs.

My sugar-blastedpurpleberries

are triple-soakedin maple-flavored syrup

to start your daywith Purple Power.

And the leftover milklooks like Purpleberry Pond.


ANNOUNCER: Purpleberry Puffs are the sweetest part

of your complete breakfast,

along with juice, toast, ham,

eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, liver, waffles

and a big horse vitamin.