Brody Stevens - One-Liners Coming Out of Nowhere

Brody Stevens Season 2, Ep 17 01/05/2014 Views: 10,568

Brody Stevens is not afraid to break down the fourth wall and talk to the crowd about his life. (1:46)

Guys, I wanted todrive here tonight

but I broke down...

(voice trembles):in my daddy's arms.


Why are you notlaughing at that?

That hurts me and my father!

I will talk to the crowd.

I will break downthe fourth wall.

I'm intense. Twice I chargedthe mound in T-ball.


I went right afterthat parent's fanny pack.

And why do they call ita fanny pack

if it hangs over your genitals?

It should be called a sack pack.

(laughter)That's a simple joke.You got it.

Go ahead and applaudon that one.

(cheering, whooping)

You're applauding a jokeI've been doing for 15 years!

In front of rehab groups.

Latino gang members.

And I'm connectingwith you. Yes!


You got it.

I am parched.

Does anybody here have anyfreshly squeezed Sunny Delight?


My lips are dry.

I have chapped herpes.

Yes! One-linerscoming out of nowhere.

Going off script, pushing,staying dry, taking Lamictal.

It's a mood stabilizer.

I live in the ten-dollarco-pay world.

I get it.

I'm looking at you people.

I hang out at Dunkin' Donuts.

Threw my cup at Starbucks.