Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating in Russia

November 29, 2016 - Mahershala Ali 11/29/2016 Views: 32,747

With anti-Semitism on the rise since the 2016 election, Adam Lowitt weighs in on a Russian ice skating competition that featured a performance inspired by the Holocaust. (2:50)

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Now, since the election,we've been hearing

about a rise in anti-Semitism--

neo-Nazis gatheringin Washington,

swastika graffiti everywhere...

Uh, or at least I think thoseare supposed to be swastikas.

For more on this, we turnto senior Jewish correspondent,

Adam Lowitt, everybody.Adam Lowitt.

(cheering, applause)


this is an interesting timefor Jews, okay?

We're nervous,we've got constant anxiety,

we're worried about the future,so... really nothing's changed.

-(laughter)-Uh... but with all the hate

that's been swirling around,it was almost refreshing

to see it donein such a creative fashion

this past weekend.Take a look.

A Russian TV show is

taking on heat online for a controversial performance show

similar to America's Dancing with the Stars

but it features ice skating.

Now, one of the couples raised brows

outside of Russia when they came out

dressed as Holocaust inmates.

The act was based on the award-winning

1997 Italian film Life Is Beautiful,

and earned the pair their highest score yet on the show.

Yeah. Uh, that isso messed up,

but maybe that's just'cause I'm Jewish,

or 'cause I live in New York,or I have a soul.

-I'm not sure.-(laughter)

I mean, I never thoughtI'd say this,

but where is Tonya Hardingwhen you need her?

(laughter and applause)

Because now we have to remembertwo groups of survivors,

the Holocaust,

and the people who sat throughthat performance.

Now, you might be saying,

oh, these guys didn't reallythink it through.

But trust me, they thoughtof everything.

Watch and listen to someof these moves.

(dogs barking)Running away from Nazi dogs.

Getting shotby Nazi machine guns.

And finally going full Hitler.


And I know seeing them do this

is pretty messed up,

but that actually is asanctioned ice skating move.

It's calledThe Schindler's Twist.


High degree of difficulty,'cause you have to do it

while ignoring the voicesin your head going "No!"


These guys have taken the mostserious event in history

and combined it with thesilliest art form in history.

That's like Cirque du Soleilpresents 9/11.

(audience exclaiming)

It's a good show.

And by the way, those icedancers got a perfect ten.

And you know why?

Because judges can't giveholocaust victims bad scores.

They've been through enough.

Now look, Russians, I don't wantto get in the way

of your creative process,but let's just have a rule.

You can still dancelike no one's watching,

but from now on,why don't you ice dance

like everyone is watching?

Because once this cliphit YouTube,

everyone freaked out.

I mean, not everyone.

The way things are going,Donald Trump will probably

ask them to performat his inauguration.

-Trevor.-Adam Lowitt, everyone.