Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Bachelor Party Parade Pt. 1

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 03/29/2014 Views: 28,161

With the help of the New Orleans police department, Hannibal Buress hires a second line for his cousin's bachelor party. (1:58)

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Good food.Good partying.

So a little while ago,we decided to throw

my cousin'sbachelor party there.

I'm the best man.I'm in charge of the party.

That's a big responsibility.I wanted it to be cool.

And one of my friends said,"Hannibal,

you should hire a second line tofollow you through the street."

I was like, "What is that?"He said, "Second line is a band,

"mostly brass instruments,you can hire them to follow you

through the streets."

So basically in New Orleans,for $300,

you can have your own paradeon a day's notice.

I said, "This sounds great.How do I do this?"

"You got to goto the police station.

They have a parades department."

New Orleans Policehas a parades department.

There's homicide, there'snarcotics, and there's parades.

There's other departments too,but, you know,

rule of three for comedy.

So I goto the police station.

Hi.I want to throw a parade.

How many peoplein your parade?

Five of us.

All right.Five people.

Do you need help makinga route for your parade?

Yeah, I need help makinga route--I'm not from here.

This is your city.This is not my city.

This policeman in full uniform

starts helping me make a routefor a five-person parade

and was real nice about it.

Okay, you don't want to hitBourbon Street too fast.

Probably want to starton Canal Street, ferry landing,

you workyour way towards Bourbon Street.

You get on Iberville,so people on that street

will probablyjoin your parade.

Because strangersjust join your parade.

That's part of it.

Somebody's walkingby themselves.

Oh, that looks like a veryaccessible parade right there.

I'ma jump in that.

I'll walk with themfor a few blocks.

It's way saferthan walking alone,

and I can walkwith a band behind me.

That's the best iPod ever.

So now we're set.We got the band booked.

We got our route.

Next day after dinner,we go to that corner.

Waiting for us there is the bandand a three-piece police escort,

'cause in New Orleans,for $300,

you can fuck up trafficon a day's notice.