John Oliver - The Most Comfortably Racist Country

Joe Mande, Jamie Lee, W. Kamau Bell Season 4, Ep 8 09/13/2013 Views: 79,254

John Oliver cannot believe the specificity with which Australians hate. (1:57)

I will say thisabout Australia.

It is the most comfortablyracist country

I've ever been to.

Not the most racist,New York. Relax.

Not that.

Not the most racist country,

just the most comfortablein their racism.

They've really settledinto their bigotry

like an old,suspicious slipper.

Because everywhere I wentin Australia

I started to hearthe same thing.

Just people saying,

"You know what we got a problemwith here, John?

"Bloody lebbos.

"Bloody lebbos everywherehere, John.

"Coming over here,these lebbos.

"Bringing their lebbo familiesover here.

"We got a huge lebbo problem,John.

"Lebbos here, lebbos there,

we got lebboseverywhere."

And eventually I had to say,"I'm going to have to stop you.

"At the risk of seeminglike a fool,

what is a lebbo?"

And they said,"Are you kidding me?

Bloody Lebanese."

Who the [BLEEP] has a problemwith Lebanese people?

That is almostimpressively specific.

That's like saying,You know who I can't stand?

Sri Lankans.

Malaysians,lovely people.

Bangladeshis, the best.

Sri Lankans, [BLEEP] them.They know what they've done.

That is so specific.

I don't actually thinkit's racism anymore.

It's just a flawedargument.

Also, how manyLebanese people

can there be in Australia

to necessitate there beinga perceived problem?

There are only 4 millionLebanese people

in [BLEEP] Lebanon.