Martha Kelly - Freedom of the Press

The One with More Dicks Season 3, Ep 3 10/11/2016 Views: 160

Martha Kelly explains why she's grateful for the First Amendment and shares the strangest thing she heard reported about the trapped Chilean miners. (1:46)

I don't like to get political,

but I feel like both sidesof the spectrum right now,

it's really popular to say

that America'sgoing down the toilet,

and I feel like we still havea lot of reasons to be proud.

We still have freedomof the press,

and, like, every week,journalists stick their neck out

to bring us picturesof celebrities

without their makeup on,

and that's just one for youto catch your breath.


Last summer they came outwith a movie

about those guys that weretrapped in a mine in Chile

for 2 1/2 months.

And when theyfinally rescued them,

they all at firsttold reporters

that they had swearedto never talk about

what had happened down there,

and the reason they did thatis 'cause they were poor,

and they thought thatif they banded together,

they could forcethe networks to pay them

to tell their story, andthey really needed the money,

especially 'causethey had just taken

2 1/2 months off from work,

and so--

But that's the reason that--

that's why they said that,

but some journalistsspeculated that the secrecy

was because they had had sexwith each other down there.

And I thought that wasreally crazy.

But then I thought about itfor a while and I was like,

you know what,we could all picture ourselves

going up to one of our coworkersand being like,

"Hey, Carlos, I knowthat it's been over a month

"since any of ushave seen a shower or a toilet,

"and we're probablynot gonna get out of here alive,

but I was just wonderingare you horny at all?"