Liza Treyger - How to Get a Hot Body

Liza Treyger Season 4, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 4,792

Liza Treyger reveals how she makes people at the gym think she has a hot body and describes why she thinks pregnancy is disgusting. (1:04)

When I go to the gym

sometimes I get insecure,

'cause everyone looksreally good.

So I started doingthis new thing

where I tell peoplethat I have children,

and then they're, like,

really impressed with my body.

They love it.

Just like...


"Little Emma,she's three months old.

"Just a giggle monster.

"It's great, yeah.

"She's reading.

"I'm just, like,such a good mom.

It's amazing."

No, um,

I would not have children.

It's (bleep) disgusting.


It's gross.

Pregnant women are so gross

that their belly buttonsare growing away from them.

It's disgusting.

I mean, honestly, like,

if you meet a man and he's like,

"Oh, my pregnant wifeis so beautiful and sexy.

I love to make loveto my pregnant wife."

Like, he's murdered before.


Don't trust him,don't trust him.