Law & Older: Senior Victims Unit

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 10/04/2016 Views: 255

Louie Anderson, Martha Kelly and Brendon Walsh name unlawful acts committed by elderly criminals. (1:28)

It's another beautiful dayof the American dream,

as 102-year-old womanchecked being arrested

off her bucket list asblack people across the country

rolled their eyes and said,"(bleep) seriously?" Uh...

To fulfill Edie Simms' wish,police handcuffed her

they put her in the backof their cruiser,

then they took herto a senior center,

the one place on Earththat smells worse than a prison.

Uh, Edie was thrilled to crossthis dream off the list

and move on to her next one:

a three-way with these guys.


But cl...

(impersonating Statler andWaldorf): "What's she wearing?"

"I don't know,but it needs to be ironed."


Clearly, Edie is pioneeringa new type of criminal,

so comedians, give me as manyelderly crimes as you can

in 60 seconds, and begin.Brendon Walsh.

Uh, breaking a hip and entering.

Points. Louie.

-Epsom salts and battery.-Points.

-Martha Kelly.-Uh, grand theft scooter.

Points. Martha.

Um, Werther's original sin.

Yes, points. Brendon.


Points. Martha.

Um, conspiracyto tell a long anecdote.

Points. Louie Anderson.

First degree murder she wrote.

Yes, points. Louie.

Hit and hobble away.

Yes, points. Brendon.

Great, great grand larceny.

Yes, points.