Rory Scovel - Respect Women

Rory Scovel Season 1, Ep 1 05/11/2012 Views: 19,949

Rory Scovel is delighted when his friends take him to a very hands-on strip club in Florida. (2:49)

God, I want some moreof that diarrhea.

I know it's not gonna happen,but if you could,

could you just make sure

to keep in allthe diarrhea stuff?

Because if someone is justflipping channels,

I really want that to happen

'cause that looks like diarrhea.

And then they will stayon the channel.

"Whoa. What's this?

"Get in here. Kids, get in here!

"A guy drinking diarrhea!Now! Get in here!

Got to see it!"


I was recently inTampa Bay, Florida.


Okay. I thought that.

Some friends wanted to goto a strip club.

I said, "No, no thanks.It's not for me.

Don't really enjoy doing it."

They said, "Well, at this stripclub, you can touch the girls

while they dance on you."

And I said,"Then let's go do that.

"Let's go do that.That sounds great.

"That sounds really great.

"Can we go now?Can we just be there?

"Can we just be there now?How do we get there?

"Is there a faster wayto get there

"than the fastest wayto get there?

"Can we just happento be at it now?

"That sounds great. I'm in.

"Why didn't you say thatat the beginning?

"Why didn't you just walk upand be,

'Hey, I know of a roomwe can go to

'where we can touch girlswhile they dance on us.'"

"I would have been, like,

"I'm sorry.Do you mean a strip club?

"But just to be clear here,it doesn't have to be one.

"I mean, if it really is justa room in a shed in the woods,

"I'm still in.

"Like, I want to go.Definitely going.

So, yeah, let's do that."

It was a lot of fun, you guys.A whole lot of fun.

A lot of booby touching.

You're thinking, "Come on."I'm weird.

We're adults here.

I just told you there's a placeyou can to go to,

and women just let youtouch their boobs.

Guys, I'm gonna takeall the bullets on this? Really?

You know in your head,you're, like

Yes! I'll never go,but I like that it's an option!"

I'm telling you whereparadise is.

It was fun.

I know some people,"I don't like that.

What, did you touch those girlsin their downstairs area?"

How about no?'Cause I respect women.

And also it was oneof the rules.

Downside, though, is nowwhenever I'm in another city,

people are, like, "Hey,let's go to a strip club,"

I've always got to chime inas the creepy dude who's, like,

"Hey, do you know if we'reallowed to touch the girls?"