Operation Enduring Mouth - Uncensored

A Porn Star Is Born Season 1, Ep 3 05/14/2013 Views: 251,320

Secret agent Amy uses special skills to succeed in every mission. (2:31)

His name isErnst Brentwhistle.

Tech billionaireand covert arms dealer.

And we have one shotto bring him in,

and you two arethe best of the best.

Your codenames for this opare Cross Bolt

and Butter Face.

Cross Bolt,you're my point man.

I need you to take out theguards and acquire the target.

Now, we want him aliveif possible,

but you are a go touse lethal force if necessary.

Butter Face, you're runninga classic distract and capture.

You'll have a chance meetingwith Brentwhistle

when you run into himat the party he's having

in his hotel.On it.

Arouse his interest, take himback to his penthouse,

and that's when you'll getstarted making dinner for him.

Make him a casserole,a meatloaf, your call.

Something with a proteinand a vegetable.

Don't go crazy,cook something you know.

That's when I poison him,right, sir?

Slow down, Butter Face.

Cross Bolt, while Butter Facehas him distracted

in the kitchen, you'llrappel down the building

into the living room andthat's where you'll find

the hard drive.

Sweet.It will be sweet.

Rappelling is awesome.

Butter Face, when you are surethat Cross Bolt has the drive,

I want you to lure himinto the bedroom

and you are a go togive him a blowjob.

Uh, sir?

I'm capable of hackinginto the mainframe

of a nuclear submarine.

We don't needanything that drastic,

the blowjobwill do just fine.

Now we'll--I'm sorry, I'm just--

I'm not sure I'm comfortablewith this, sir.

Don't worry.

There'll be plentyof hidden cameras.

We will be right therewith you the whole time.

Literally, the entire agencywill be watching.

My dad works here.

Come on,you can do this.

Shut up, Dennis.

All right,under the table,

you'll find a duffeland in it,

your specialized equipment.

Laser nunchakus.

There's just a scrunchiein here.

That's to hold your hair back,and remember, no teeth.

All right, team, let's go.

Operation Enduring Mouthbegins now.

( Amy ) Amy One, clear.



Cross Bolt, on behalf ofa grateful nation,

I present you with the highesttop secret award in existence.

The titanium star.

Butter Face...

feel free to keepthat scrunchie.

Hey, maybe next timeyou could do a cool mission

like I just did.

Get your--Fucking...