Uncensored - Randy Liedtke - My Girlfriend Is Here

Up Next Season 1, Ep 0101 01/11/2011 Views: 6,849

Randy Liedtke chooses the perfect moment to propose to his (possibly) non-existent girlfriend. (3:01)

-This is my first time to NewYork, I've never been here,

this is great.


-Thank you, yeah.

Uh, my girlfriend is here,give it up for my girlfriend.

Uh, it's both ofour first times,

we've been here for a fewdays and um, it's been-- naw,

I'm joking.

You would go crazy,that's a fake ring.

But this ring, nawthey're both fake.

It looks more real, though.

Um, she hates that,she hates that.

Uh, we'll probably get married,she's pregnant, so, um,

I'll ask her on my own time.

Uh, or whatever, do you wantto get mar-- this is weird now,

I don't want to--talk about it later.

Um, she's not evenhere, I'm sorry.

She's not.

I don't have agirlfriend, I don't.

I don't.

No I'm just joking.

She really is here, andbaby this one is real.

What if the third time was real?

And a big, fat, red-headedgirl ran on stage, crying.

She's not big, andfat, and red-headed.

She's actually really pretty.

She's not pretty, but she'snot here, uh, so I can,

I can say whateverI want about her.

She'll never find out.

I'm a gay guy.

I am, I really am-- I am.

And my boyfriend is here.

And a big, fat, red-headed guyruns-- you'd lose your minds.

I'm just joking.

This is like the weirdestside note of everything,

is my parents are actually here.

No they're not,they're not here.

They are big, and fat,and red-headed, though.

Yeah, guaranteed.

My parents are here-- thatdoesn't make any sense, um.

I feel like you don'teven believe me.

I do have a girlfriend,and she really is here.

And thank you forputting up for it, babe.

Give her a round ofapplause, that's ridiculous.


I don't, I don'thave a girlfriend.

I don't, I don't.

What if this never ended?

Ya know what?

I'm going to call her,I'll prove it to you.

She really is here.

I'm going to move on,but she really is here.

Honestly, on your way out,I'll be standing with her.

Check her out,she's got sick tits.

Yeah, yeah.

Uh, Breast cancer.


It's sad, it's really sad.

Just kind of dealingwith it, ya know?

One more time for my girlfriend,I'm moving on, all right?

We're out of it, we're done.

My uncle is here, though.

That'd be-- that's stupid.