Hannibal Buress - College Newspaper Interview

Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace Season 1, Ep 1 05/20/2012 Views: 11,098

Occasionally Hannibal Buress will say some crazy stuff during interviews to make it fun. (2:29)

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and when I do a college show,I'll do an interview

with the school paper,and the result could be

a horrible article,so I want to share with y'all

this article from a gig I didat Eastern Illinois University

in Charleston, Illinois.

This is all realand in print.

A human being wrote this.

And then they sent itto a higher-ranking human being,

an editor, and that person said,"Yeah, let's go with that."


"Quick-witted Buressset for laughs.

Comedian helps bring diversityto campus."


Wait, wait, wait,I'm responsible

for bringing diversityto your campus?

'Cause you realizethe type of diversity I bring

is very temporary

because I'm leaving as soonas I get my check.

This town sucks.

Actually pay mebefore the show.

It was a phone interview,

and sometimes when I dophone interviews

and the journalist is boring,I just start saying crazy stuff

to make it fun for me and makethe most out of my time,

and she said, "What do you talkabout in your comedy?"

I said, "I talkabout the streets."


And she put that in the paperfor real.

"His performancesinclude comedic jokes--"

Wait, wait, wait.Comedic jokes?

As opposedto all the other types of jokes

that are out there?

Am I missing outon a genre of jokes?

I'd hate that for that to bethe reason I don't make it big.

"Yeah, Hannibal Buresscould have been huge,

"but he focused all his energyon comedic jokes

"when there were so manyother types of jokes out there.

He really pigeonholedhimself."

And I'm some bitter,old man comedian.

"These young comedians, theyfocus on all types of jokes.

"Esoteric jokesand jokes about hats.

"We're purists.We only did comedic jokes.

These young dudes, man."

"His performancesinclude comedic jokes

"related to personal stories,current events,

the streets..."[laughter]

You know what,I take the blame for that.

I said that on the record.I take the blame.

"His performancesinclude comedic jokes

"related to personal stories,current events,

the streets,and even food, he said."

What?Even food?

Who else is talking about foodin the comedy game right now?

Nobody. Just Hannibal Buress,that's all.

He has corneredthat subject matter.

He is the Lenny Bruceof grocery store humor.

He is so edgy.

You should have sawwhen he was

in Dallas, Texas.

Half the crowd walked out

when he did his new bitabout lettuce.

It was crazy.