Jeff Dunham - Walter vs. Hollywood

Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood Season 1, Ep 1 11/01/2015 Views: 105,609

Jeff Dunham and Walter discuss the worst parts of Hollywood, from natural disasters to women who get too much plastic surgery. (1:11)

You know, Walter thereare a lot of things

to like about Los Angeles.

Like what?

Traffic from hell,highest gas prices

in the country, wildfires,mud slides, and earthquakes.


I love it here.

Dumb ass.

You ever been in an earthquake?

Uh, does my wife fallingoff of the couch count?

What the [bleep]?

Oh, it's you.

All right.

So does your wifelike Hollywood?

Yeah, but she thinks it's crazyhow many folks in this town

get plastic surgery.

Oh, she wouldn't do that?

-Why?-Why not?

Come on.

Putting new headlightson a minivan

doesn't make it a corvette.

Yeah, these guys knowwhat I'm talking about.

And the women who getthose fake, giant hoohaws,

they don't want youto miss the either.

How's that?

If you look thosewomen in the eye

when you're talking tothem, the get all pissed off

and they go hey!

My boobs are down here.