Extended - Chris D'Elia - Angry British Dudes

Chris D'Elia: White Male. Black Comic. Season 1, Ep 1 11/20/2013 Views: 65,860

After one of his shows, Chris D'Elia has a confusing run-in with a British guy. (1:34)

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-Yo, one time I was talkingabout British dudes on stage

like this.

And afterwards, at myshow, he got so mad.

Yo, British dudes get mad.

He was, like-- he cameup to me and was like--


Can I talk to you for a second?

(AS HIMSELF) I waslike, what's up?

He's like--

(AS BRITISH DUDE) First of all,we don't all talk like that.

(AS HIMSELF) I'mlike, that's cool,

but then you got to changeyour voice immediately,

'cause that's exactly how I justsounded, you know what I mean?

(AS BRITISH DUDE)Oh, right, yeah.

Right, right, yeah.

Ahh, ahhhh, good one.

Good one.

Yeah, yeah.

You're never off, huh?

You're never off.

Even when you'reoff stage, you're

still zingin' 'em, aren't you?



You got moxie, don't ya?


Now, listen, yeah, ha.

Listen to it all,you know, yeah.

(AS HIMSELF) The Brit--he threatened me.

When British dudesthreaten you, you

don't know what'sgoing on at all.

They just-- they say--they speak English,

but they just say things.

You don't know if it'sgood or bad or what.

They'll just be like--

(AS BRITISH DUDE) You keeptalking to me like that,

you keep yappin'off at the nanners,

you'll see what happens.

You keep chompin''em clam bits, I'll

get the Stoozy Boysto vote up on you.

I'll leave you halfway upMain Street with your pants

around your ankles and alollipop in your mouth.

(AS HIMSELF) You're like,yo, is that a party?

I don't even know what you mean.

(AS BRITISH DUDE)Yeah, it's a party.

Bugger off, chap.

You'll see what happens.

I'll come over brightand early and literally

do ground work in your bathroom.

(AS HIMSELF) You'relike, for free?

I mean--