Jesse Popp - Bat Houses

Jesse Popp Season 1, Ep 12 06/15/2012 Views: 1,512

Jesse Popp imagines the process of getting a refund on a two-year-old bat house. (1:06)

And I was walking aroundand I saw the aisle.

I saw bat houses,these bat houses.

I didn't know what they were

because I had seenbird houses before,

but there's a whole rowof things

called bat houses.They're wooden boxes.

They're called bat...And they have a tag on them.

And the tag says,"100% money back guarantee.

"This bat house will attractbats within two years...

or your money back."

Like, I would love to seehow you try

to get your money back fromthis. You call up, you're like,

"Hi, uh, two years ago...

"I bought a bat house

and there's no...there's no bats in it."

"Where did I put it?I put it in the front yar..."

"Oh, you gotta put itin the back yard. Oh, okay."

"Hi, uh, four years ago...

I bought a bat... Oh, youno longer sell bat houses?"

"What do you...snake apartments?!"